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Tags: ILoveruNn, nftmembership, loyaltyprogram, mementos

ILOVERUNN, largest runner community in Latam to launch web3 loyalty program

Tags: ILoveruNn, nftmembership, loyaltyprogram, mementos

The program combines traditional loyalty program with online experiences and other gamified elements.
Designed to offer its loyal runners a more diverse set of rewards in a more engaging way, ILOVERUNN expects to add more fun to the game, executing a sort of play & earn mode looking to engage runners on different races.
Community members will gain access to several experiences like guarantee entry to future races, runnerfeast access , special gifts or other surprises soon to be develop

“ A decentralized loyalty program will help us to expand our benefits and integrate partnerships faster ; today everyone is looking for instant gratification, runners don't want to wait for rewards. Also, we have different types of runners with different motivations and interests and it is becoming more crucial to engage based on their preferences,
so the community becomes more attractive and desirable” Adrián Gluck (Roni) CEO & Founder ILOVERUNN

Through this initiative ILOVERUNN demonstrates a strategic and long-term approach to web3 , this running community knows how to speed up the pace .

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