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Smarter Loyalty

Integrate payments into your loyalty program

People engage. Businesses grow

Rewards Credit Cards

Empower your brand's loyalty program by issuing branded credit cards. Strengthen customer relationships and drive increased spending through daily interactions.


Emphasizing in cost efficiency, optimizing loyalty program expenses, and unlocking new business opportunities.

Loyalty point systems, credit, stamps, miles, you name it.
Let your customers in each segment collect and spend in their favorite ways.

  • Make it easy for users to earn and burn loyalty points and rewards.

  • Faster enrolment. Issuance of virtual rewards cards for each users that easily enroll in the loyalty program within the same flow and without friction.

  • Encourage purchase frequency by personalized offers more attractive and of instant usage during the payment process.

  • Gain insights into users' consumer behavior and interests.

  • Save on intermediary costs and gain cash flow.


Payments+Loyalty enhances customer experience with Qurable technology

  • Positioning your program locally and globally
    Issue international cards to your clients and customers.

  • Launch your own physical or virtual prepaid cards
    end-to-end solution includes issuing, delivery and payment processing in a single integration.


  • BIN Sponsorship Mastercard® and Visa®

  • Add your cards to Google Pay and Apple Pay
    Your customers can securely use them directly from their mobile phones.


  • Customizable loyalty  platform
    Real-time tracking 


Connect all your promotion campaigns to your digital wallet

We unlock a new level of loyalty by integrating Loyalty + Payments with payment wallets.

By creating your loyalty program together with Qurable, every paying customer using MODO will be able to join your loyalty program with a single click.


Qurable together with MODO, offers a seamless integration for loyalty programs. Any company that manages its loyalty program through Qurable will provide its users with a unique experience thanks to the collaboration with one of the main payment methods in Argentina, impacting more than 9 million users directly.



  • Personalize promotions with individual digital wallets

  • Cashback throughout loyalty points

  • Leverage sub-ledgers to save & spend points in specific locations

  • Connect your loyalty & referral campaign to build specific tiers

Available in Argentina

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