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Give your brand the power of web3

Empower Client Services with Qurable's Loyalty Platform

Join forces with Qurable to simplify the management of your clients' loyalty programs. Efficiently deliver more projects to your clients through our cutting-edge decentralized loyalty platform.

Transforming Loyalty Initiatives with speed and ease

Drive Success

Loyalty programs need to adapt to new generations' current needs and preferences. Flexibility is crucial for swift implementation and cost savings. Many existing loyalty programs often face scalability and integration barriers, but Qurable solves all of these issues.


Drive Value

Qurable integrates seamlessly with leading platforms like Magento, VTEX, and Shopify, enhancing online experiences by leveraging industry-leading CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline operations. That is why we look for the best partners to deliver greater value to our clients.

Partnerships for Exceptional Solutions

We collaborate closely with global solution partners to expand the platform's capabilities and give more value to our enterprise customers.


A Software House, formed by a team with over 20 years of experience in building technological solutions for market-leading companies.

”We develop a new way to integrate software, technology, and new capabilities into each of our clients' businesses”


Axxon empowers clients' businesses by enhancing their processes through the implementation of innovative technologies, driving the Digital Evolution of organizations.


We collaborate with traditional financial institutions and fintech companies to develop digital businesses, sharing our innovative implementation experience with a focus on end-users through our fintech solutions

Mashin is a novel advertising services concept established two decades ago. It operates as a network of specialized agencies that integrate account management and strategic planning into a dedicated team for each client. This ensures that solutions from various agencies are aligned in both philosophy and execution

ATIONET is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed for gas stations and other refueling points, that allows the creation and management of fleet, loyalty, gift-card and other private label programs. The software permits the processing of transactions received from any POS application and allows integration with third-party platforms. With a wide offer of different customizable service modules, ATIONET allows administrators to easily manage their fuel consumption in real-time through simple and trustworthy interfaces.


MODO is a product of Play Digital S.A., an independent company whose shareholders are the vast majority of public and private banks in Argentina. It offers three services: sending money, requesting money and paying with QR code. Paying with MODO is more secure, practical and convenient - the new way to send, request and pay!

Awards, innovative startup during 2023

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