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We help companies grow by developing revolutionary loyalty programs

Through strategic partnerships, we help companies improve and scale their loyalty programs.

Discovery process

The discovery process is a pivotal stage at the project's outset, dedicated to obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's goals, needs, and challenges. Throughout this phase, a team of professionals collaborates closely with the client to gather crucial information, forming the loyalty program foundations through short and long-term planning.

At Qurable, we create loyalty strategies designed for your business. Using insights from our discovery phase, we provide practical advice and craft effective strategies to enhance your loyalty program.


We analyze, among other variables: 

  • Benchmarking   

  • Strategic planning 

  • Management

  • Execution 

  • Result


Create a Loyalty Strategy 

Develop a comprehensive plan to build and enhance customer loyalty that outlines the strategies and initiatives that will foster long-lasting relationships, repeat business and positive engagement.

We collaborate with our clients to design a custom-made loyalty program that meets their needs To scale.

A loyalty strategy may include:

  • Draft multi brand ecosystem 

  • Tiers 

  • Subscriptions

  • Points

  • Gamification

  • Payment integration


We are dedicated to helping our clients implement their Loyalty Plan. 

We ensure the effective implementation of the proposed strategy by guiding our clients through all the necessary steps and resources.

Business implementation

Program scope setup 

  • Process / OKRs.

  • Resource Sizing

  • Budget.

  • Looking for best-fit partnerships.

  • Multibrand ecosystems development


Program execution

  • Resources allocation 

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Training

  • Communication campaign

Management checks

  • Follow-up

  • Reviews and corrections

Technology implementation

Integrate your entire strategic plan with our platform. You can do this on your own or with our support, as we specialize in seamlessly integrating software, technology and new capabilities into each of our clients' businesses.

Tracking and Follow-up

Together with our clients we carry out a process of continuous review and active engagement to maintain alignment with objectives and deadlines, facilitating a proactive approach to project or task management

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