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Creating a loyalty program has never been so easy and fast 


Create versatile, fully automated loyalty programs that span across the customer journey and expand your ecosystem by seamlessly connecting with partners and other loyalty programs.

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Expand the reach of your program with cross-brand compatibility

Creating a multi-brand ecosystem​  

Join forces with merchants, communities, and creators to amplify user benefits. Our platform enables your brand to send and receive collaboration requests, expanding the value you offer to your customers.

  • Analysis of user behavior and interests: You will know exactly when and which goods or services they consume.

  • Customer retention thanks to the simplicity of point usage. Users will have a true choice in consuming benefits in the time and manner they prefer.


Brands will have the opportunity to co-create benefits for users, which can be redeemed through a multi-channel experience. This can be done easily by using a QR code in a physical setting or via a secure code in an online scenario.


Launch easy enrollment and subscriptions

Design a tiering strategy

Create a tiered loyalty program based on point thresholds, purchase frequency, or the strategy you wish. Set tiers like a subscription and receive recurrent revenues by the value you give to loyal users.

  • Offer incentives for shoppers to return and spend with your brand.

  • Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive perks.

  • Build a sense of community and lasting emotional loyalty.


Boost retention and reward audiences by behavior

Safely store points

The truly decentralization occurs when your audience can redeem, transfer, or utilize the loyalty points - tokens - earned through the various programs within the ecosystem to make a payment for goods or services.​

  • Use points as incentives to encourage repeat purchases and reward your users' actions, using them as cashback -pointback - or an eGift.

  • Allow real-life points redemption across online, in-store, and partner experiences.

  • Use gamification mechanisms to make earning points fun.

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Transform the way
your customers earn, save,
and spend points and rewards


Enhance customer engagement with targeted promotions

To stay ahead of market dynamics and quickly uplift customer engagement, it's essential for a loyalty program to be flexible. This can be achieved by defining promotions based on Badges, Tiers, or Benefits, ensuring that engagement seamlessly aligns with customers trends.

Adaptability to Market Changes: Flexibility in loyalty program design allows businesses to adapt swiftly to shifting market dynamics, ensuring that their offerings remain relevant and appealing to customers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By tailoring promotions based on Badges, Tiers, or Benefits, businesses can create more engaging and personalized experiences for customers, ultimately driving higher levels of engagement.

Quick Implementation: The ability to make these program adjustments rapidly enables businesses to respond promptly to emerging trends, getting ahead of competitors and maximizing the impact of their loyalty initiatives.

Engine rules Burn & Earn

Enhancing customer personalization

Establish a rules engine focused on analyzing behavior and preferences, gaining true customer insight, and delivering personalized benefits for each customer.

  • Develop real audiences, considering them as assets of the company.

  • Increase conversions for coupons, referrals, discounts, and more by enhancing audience capabilities.

  • Boost retention by enabling companies to analyze recurring revenue.


The gateway to a new era

Redefines user interaction through engaging challenges, enticing rewards, and exclusive badges, transforming engagement into tangible, earned rewards.

Ignite your customers with an exhilarating gamified experience. 

Thrilling challenges, enticing rewards, and exclusive badges await, allowing you to discover your audience's preferences, amplify brand value, and fuel unparalleled engagement.

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Data + Loyalty =


Examine User Activity: Access and view detailed information about users, including their points, levels, quests completed, perks consumed, and other behavior-related data.


If desired, you can seamlessly integrate Qurable Loyalty Platform with industry-leading CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance online experiences while streamlining operations.

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Brands and creators deserve to have their own loyalty program and scale it for increased sales

Build your loyalty program


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