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Give your brand the power of web3

Loyalty networks for business success


Ignite engagement, unlock decentralized benefits, and empower your customers to use their reward points like never before. Create a customer loyalty program using our innovative features, simplifying and expediting the creation process.

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Rewards Credit Cards

We empower brands' loyalty programs by integrating their own credit cards, enhancing customer relationships, and boosting average spending.


This allows brands to optimize loyalty program costs, stay connected with customers daily, and explore new business opportunities.

The tools you need to drive every stage of your loyalty customer journey

An interactive web interface that empowers administrators to configure all aspects of a loyalty program.

  • Free tiers or subscription model.
  • Tiers based on point thresholds or purchase frequency.

  • Points configuration in a digital ledger.

  • Gamified challenges to engage your audience.

  • Coupons and promotions are personalized to your audience.

Loyalty Manager

The time for Next-Gen loyalty is now

Loyalty programs are the key to unlocking your business's success. By strategically designing and managing these programs, you can drive customer retention, increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and boost your profits. 


are more likely to purchase more frequently


are more likely to recommend to others

Drastic shift in access to third-party cookies and identifiers

Companies without a fallback privacy-centric infrastructure (eg first-party data, data clean rooms) are likely to spend

Saturated loyalty landscape with low engagement

On average, a customer in the US belongs to 17 loyalty programs indicating a saturated landscape. However, there is low engagement with less than


more on marketing efforts to make up for loss of third-party data resulting from new regulations and policies.


active loyalty membership.

Source: McKinsey & Company Lyalty Survey, McKinsey, 2021

Awards, innovative startup during 2023

Build your loyalty program


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